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Lincoln Terrace Cleaners offers reliable free pick-up and delivery services to all of our customers. You too can enjoy this service simply by opening a Lincoln Terrace Cleaners' account today.

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To arrange your next FREE laundry pick-up and delivery service call 212-874-3066 or fill out our Pick-up & Delivery form. Note: You must have an account to enjoy this service.

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Note: Prices vary depending upon fabric, width, length, detail, and style. Additional pricing provided upon request. We will do our best to maintain the latest price lists on our website.

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Business and Casual Apparel:  Whether dressing for a business meeting or a night on the town, nothing inspires more confidence than professionally cleaned and pressed attire. From expert stain removal to hand finishing, customized packaging and beyond, Lincoln Terrace Cleaners will always make sure you look your best. We can accommodate special requests for urgent service needs too.

Shirt Laundry:  We know what makes a well-finished: clean collar and cuffs, no broken buttons, a crisp press, and just the right amount of starch.  If you are looking for the perfect shirt, look no further than our laundered shirt service.  We provide special attention to cuffs and collars to ensure they are clean and wrinkle free, and routinely tighten or replace buttons.  Standard finish and hand finish are also available. 

Wash & Fold: Our wash and fold service is ideal for cleaning everyday washable items like T’s, jeans, towels and undergarments.  Neatly folded and smartly packed, wash and fold by the pound is a great alternative to doing it yourself.  Our custom-made commercial grade laundry detergents and fabric softeners keep colors bright and clothing soft, and are safe for infant and toddler clothing, too.

Wedding & Formal Wear:  Special occasions require special attention, and whether you are the main attraction or an honored guest, your appearance will make a first and lasting impression.  In addition to full and spot cleaning techniques and steam press finishing methods for an impeccable presentation, rely on our well-trained staff to oversee the preservation of your cherished pieces for memories that will last a lifetime. 

Tailoring, Alterations, and Repairs:  Trust our experienced tailor to rework your existing wardrobe or customize new garments to fit your figure.  From simple fixes like replacing buttons and stitching seams, to extensive repairs like taking in blazers or hemming formal gowns, our tailor can meet all of your alteration needs.  We also offer the “original jean hem” and reweaving services for invisible repairs to an irreplaceable garment. We can accommodate special requests for rapid, and on-the-spot alterations and repairs.

Table & Bed Linens:  Whether preparing for an elegant dinner party or settling in for a restful night’s sleep, your bed and table linens should always be crisp and clean.  From heirloom pieces to modern fabrics, our quality control process will ensure safe and effective stain removal and a hand pressed finish that is worthy of any setting.

Drapery, Upholstery, Household Items, and Rugs:  Spring-cleaning isn’t just for Spring anymore!  Freshen up your home any time of the year with a thorough cleaning of floor to ceiling home décor.  Our multi-step specialized household cleaning process will remove dust, allergens, pet odors, and dirt from your fabrics and carpet.

Suede, Leather, and Furs: Our professional processing partners will expertly clean your delicate suede, leather and fur pieces, restoring leather’s shine and richness, suede’s soft and supple feel, and fur’s moisturize. Don’t forget to clean your natural skin handbags, gloves and hats too.  Leather painting is also available to restore color to leather garments, and our expert tailor can assist with any major or minor alteration needs.

Seasonal Garment Storage:  Can’t squeeze one more garment into your overstuffed closet?  Need to free up valuable closet space for the current season’s fashions?  Consider seasonal garment storage:  a safe, convenient way to clean and store your off-season wardrobe in our secure, climate controlled facility.  Once recalled, your garments will be delivered cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear!

Customer Services: In addition to our convenient store hours, Lincoln Terrace Cleaners offers reliable, same day service, free pick-up and delivery to your doorman building, 24 hour voice mail and on-line order placement, and private store accounts.  In addition, we offer for sale several products such as lint rollers, collar stays, and sweater bricks, that will keep you looking your best between visits.  Contact us today to arrange a pick-up or establish an account.




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