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Lincoln Terrace Cleaners offers reliable free pick-up and delivery services to all of our customers. You too can enjoy this service simply by opening a Lincoln Terrace Cleaners' account today.

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To arrange your next FREE laundry pick-up and delivery service call 212-874-3066 or fill out our Pick-up & Delivery form. Note: You must have an account to enjoy this service.

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LT Cleaners offers a full range of dry cleaning, laundry, and garment care services.  Visit the links below for more information on our full range of services:

Retail Services >> Dry cleaning and laundry service for personal business and casual attire, laundered shirts, alterations, household furnishings, suede, leather and fur, rugs, wedding gowns, formal wear, and seasonal garment storage.

Theatrical Services >> Full wardrobe and costume cleaning for theater, television, and film;  stage curtain, prop and upholstery cleaning.

Tailoring & Alteration Services >> Major and minor repairs and revisions to all garments and home furnishings.

Corporate Services >> Alteration and dry cleaning services for large retailers, corporations, non-profits, and schools;  residential building valet management and uniform accounts.

Hotel Services >> Full service laundry valet management for large and small Hotel properties including guest, associate, bulk, and household cleaning.

Wholesale Services >> Bulk dry cleaning and shirt laundry for drop stores.


Lincoln Terrace Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaning and laundry company with more than 40 years experience in the garment care industry.  Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, our highly skilled staff of trained professionals is committed to providing all of our customers with exceptional quality and reliability.

Our on-premises dry cleaning, shirt, and laundry plant is equipped to provide a full range of garment care services.  Whether you are looking for same day service and free pick-up and delivery from a neighborhood cleaners, long term wardrobe cleaning for an open-ended theater production, or full scale laundry valet management for an upscale Hotel property, Lincoln Terrace Cleaners can accommodate your needs. 

From Retail and Corporate clients to Theaters, Hotels, and Wholesales, Lincoln Terrace Cleaners is committed to providing each client with exceptional service, value, and quality.  Explore our Services to find the right fit for you.

lincoln terrace dry cleaners
Lincoln Terrace Cleaners
149 Amsterdam Avenue
(Between 66th & 67th St.)
New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212-874-3066

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM
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Sun: Closed

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